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Why choose Cupid Pets?

We started Cupid Pets to share our unbridled love of animals with like-minded people. Pets require a serious emotional and financial investment. We considerate it a privilege to be entrusted with the care of your pets and the security of your home. Everything we do reflects that. Cupid Pets provides compassionate care for your best friends and peace of mind for you.

We are a family owned business. We are a dedicated team of true pet lovers. We are licensed, bonded and insured in Virginia. We offer substantial loyal customer discounts from our already fully competitive pricing for our pet care services. To ensure we meet all of your expectations, we work to develop a personal and professional relationship with each of our clients; we work closely with our pet owners throughout the entire process. Give us a try. We’ll make you happy you did!

How do I arrange for services?

We customize our services with each client to create a plan that is best suited to meet the needs of your pet(s). Cupid Pets wants to build a lasting relationship with you and your pets. Before we accept a new client, we require an in-house consultation with one of our owners to learn about your pet’s needs and answer any questions you may have about Cupid Pets’ business policies. That way when we do set up service we will know what you want and provide the exact service you request.

We can be reached to arrange a consultation by: email: (email); via our office phone at (phone number), (phone number); or on our cell at (cell number). Our voicemail and email messages are checked frequently. We’ll get back to you quickly.

What services do you offer?

  • Mid-day Dog Walks: Cupid Pets offers 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute visits. Our services cover all of your dog’s needs. Visits can be designed to include exercise, playtime, feeding, water bowl refreshing, waste removal, administering of medications and TLC.
  • Pet Visits: For cats, dogs, birds, other exotic pets. These normally 20 minute visits include: food and water refreshing, litter box cleaning, brushing, administration of medications, TLC.
  • Pet Sitting: We service dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish and reptiles. Pets receive several visits per day for exercise, playtime and individual attention provided in their own homes with familiar surroundings. This serves as a viable alternative to using a kennel.
  • In Home Overnight Care: When you are away and you don’t want your pets to stay home alone at night one of our pet sitters will stay in your home, generally from 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. This service provides for an early evening feeding and walking and a morning feeding and walking.
  • Pet Taxi: To pick up and drop off your pets at the vet when you are not available to do so.
  • Emergency ASAP Service: We make every effort to accommodate our clients last minute requests when needed for an emergency visit.

What Is Your Service Area?

Ashburn, Brambleton, Broadlands, Lansdowne, Potomac Station. We are rapidly expanding our service areas. If interested in service, please contact us and we will endeavor to immediately provide service to your location. We are very flexible.

Who Will Be Taking Care Of My Pets?

All of our dog walkers and pet sitters have to undergo background checks. Cupid Pets is also bonded and insured. The background check includes: a state criminal record search, residency history, social security verification, and a nationwide sexual offender index search. Our dog walkers/pet sitters are experienced, mature adults who love animals.

How Do I Know Exactly What Services I Have Received?

Your dog walker/pet sitter leaves each client a checklist showing the exact time when he/she arrived and departed your home and a detailed list of the services performed. Our service provider also leaves a personal note about how the session went, your pet’s behavior and mood during his/her service visit. Cupid Pets also has pet sitting software through which each client can login. Through the software you can see when your pet sitter arrived and departed and read the notes he/she left for you after his/her visit. The client also has the ability to leave notes for Cupid Pets management and/or your dog walker or pet sitter.

For Regularly Scheduled Services Do I Get The Same Team Member Every Time?

Yes, whenever possible. Animals love routines. We make every effort to provide you with service from the same dog walker/pet sitter at the same time each day. Our pet sitters and dog walkers are encouraged to develop a personal, professional relationship with our clients, so you know the team member caring for your pets. If you wish to meet any of our dog walkers/pet sitters we assign for your requested service, we will happily arrange a meet and greet at no cost to you. In cases of illness, vacation time etc., Cupid Pets arranges for a designated back up member to provide service to your pets.

How Do You Handle Keys?

We require new clients to provide us with two sets of working keys. We provide key chains and a code. For security purposes, no name or address will be put on the keys. One set of keys is provided to your dog walker/pet sitter. The second set of keys is placed in a lock box in our home office, in case the first set is lost or for use in an emergency.

Will I Have To Pay Separately For Each Of My Pets?

No. Our services are based on the time we spend with your pets, not the number of pets in your home. There is no additional fee for households with more than one pet. We do not charge for additional pets, but we do encourage longer visits to ensure your pets get proper care and attention.

Will You Do More Than One Visit Per Day?

Yes. We schedule visits based on consultation with each owner in determining each pet’s needs.

Can You Accommodate My Pet’s Special Needs?

During the initial consultation you and Cupid Pets will jointly determine if we are equipped to handle your pet’s special needs. We have professional affiliations with pet trainers and veterinarians. We will do everything we can to ensure the proper care of each of your pets. If there is a potential disciplinary problem with your pet, we will incorporate and enforce your defined method of behavior modification in consultation with one of our certified trainers who can work with us to agree on an approach to correct the problem. Similarly, if it’s a medical issue, we will take our lead from you and, if needed, we will consult with one of our veterinary advisors.

Will I Incur Additional Cleanup Cost If My Pet Soils Inside My Home?

Absolute not. Our team members will use your designated cleaning products in case an accident happens.

What Is Your Policy On Inclement Weather?

If the Federal government closes for inclement weather or any other emergency all mid-day dog walks will be cancelled and you will receive a visit credit for the cancellation. If we are unable to service your pets due to inclement weather or unsafe conditions, we will notify you via our Facebook page and/or email. We will resume service as soon as it is safe to get to your pets. During our initial consultation/orientation meeting, we will request the name and phone number of an emergency contact whom we can alert to assist us if we cannot reach your home in a reasonable amount of time.

Do You Provide Service On National Holidays?

Mid-day walks are automatically cancelled on national holidays unless the owner notifies us of his/her need for service. We charge a $10 additional fee for any visit occurring on the following days: New Year’s day; Easter; Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Eve; Christmas; and New Year’s Eve after 4:00 p.m. This fee is given to your dog walker/pet sitter as an incentive to be available to take care of your pets over the holiday.

What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?

Cupid Pets accepts credit card payments or personal checks. Cupid Pets will debit a client’s account automatically on the first of the month for the entire monthly fee for all mid-day dog walking clients with monthly contracts. Any cancellations will be credited against the next billing cycle.

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