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Loyal client discounts are available for all Cupid pet clients under monthly contracts. We do not charge for visits clients do not receive. Unless client request the lower monthly contracted rate so that they pay the same amount each month.

Clients that bring us a referral will receive a $25 service credit if referral engages in Cupid Pets services.



Mid-Day Dog Walks
    20 Minutes $16
    30 Minutes $19
    45 Minutes $25
    60 Minutes $31
Pet Visits
    20 minutes $16/1 visit per day,$31/2 visits per day,$45/3 visits per day
    30 Minutes $19/1 visit per day,$37/2 visits per day,$54/3 visits per day
    45 Minutes $25/1 visit per day,$49/2 visits per day,$72/3 visits per day
    60 Minutes $31/1 visit per day,$61/2 visits per day, $90/3 visits per day

  • The above rates are discounted and can be used in any combination of service visit minutes and receive a discount when more than one visit per day is wanted.
  • We also offer 4 visits per day at a discounted rate if requested.

Dog Boarding: We can board dog friendly pups in our home for $50/night for one dog and $60/night for two which includes daytime feedings, medication, walks and play time.



In Your -Home Overnight Care
    12 Hours $65
Pet Taxi     $27/hr
Emergency ASAP Service             Prices TBD based on service


We customize our services with each client to create a plan that is best suited to meet the needs of your pet. Cupid Pets wants to build a lasting relationship with you and your pets. Before we accept any new client, we require an in-house consultation with one of our owners to learn about your pet’s needs, the layout of your home, test any alarm systems, and to answer any questions you may have about Cupid Pets’ business policies.

A profile is developed for each pet that describes his/her routine, medical history, temperament, and the location of supplies so that your dog walker/pet sitter will have at hand what he/she needs to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe during the visits. For health purposes, our walkers and pet sitters only feed your pets food or treats that you provide.

The profile sheet will include your dog’s likes and dislikes, favorite toys, and favorite places to be pet so that our walkers and pet sitters can really get to know your pet’s personality and ensure each pet is happy during the visits. Cupid Pets will conduct a brief behavioral analysis of your pet to ensure suitability for dog walking/pet sitting services. We will also take detailed notes and photos of your pets which are subsequently uploaded to his/her online profile.

There is no charge for this initial consultation. Following this orientation, we will assign your dog walker/pet sitter that will best fir your schedule and pets. Animals love routines. We want both you and your pets to know what to expect. We make every attempt to provide you with service from the same dog walker/pet sitter at the same time each day. We conduct all of our visits within a two hour time interval that is discussed with you during the time of reserving your visit.

All of our dog walkers and pet sitters are insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. All of our pet sitters and dog walkers undergo a background check which includes: a state criminal search, residency history, social security verification, and a nationwide sexual offender index search. Disqualifiers for hire by Cupid Pets on the background check results include any form of violent crime as well as any form of theft or shoplifting. All other results are carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis before determining if an applicant is hired.

Our pet sitters and dog walkers are encouraged to develop a personal, professional relationship with our clients, so you know the team caring for your pets. If at any time during the course of our providing service to you, you wish to meet any of the pet sitters or dog walkers we assign for your requested service, we will happily arrange a meet and greet at no cost to you.

At the initial new client orientation meeting, we ask that you provide us with:

  • Two sets of working keys. We will provide key chains and a code. For security purposes, no name or address will be put on the keys. One set will be provider to your dog walker/pet sitter. The second set of keys will be placed in a lock box in our home office for future pet sitting or dog walking service requests.
  • Emergency contact information for yourself and 1-2 other contacts.
  • A list of items you plan to leave out during dog walker/pet sitting visits.
  • Veterinary contact and medical information (allergies health conditions).
  • If applicable, trip information, including hotel contact information and if you plan to have visitors at your home while you are away.


Mid-day Dog Walks: Most of us wish we could have our dogs with us all of the time. Unfortunately, most of us do not have that luxury. But, that doesn’t mean out best buddy needs to sit home and be uncomfortable and bored. Our mid-day dog walks allow your dog to have a potty break, get some fresh air and a little exercise.

Our services are based on the time we spend with your pets, not the number of pets in your home. There is no additional fee for households with more than one dog. We do not charge for additional pets, but we do encourage longer visit times to ensure your pets get proper care and attention. Cupid Pets offers 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute visits. Our services cover all of your dog’s needs.

Visits include exercise, playtime, water bowl refreshing, waste removal, administering of medications and TLC. We keep a log of the time your dog walker enters and leaves your home. We email you at the beginning and the conclusion of our walker’s visit. Cupid Pets will call you in the event of a dog’s illness or an emergency and will transport your pet to your designated veterinarian. If necessary. We also have local veterinarians on call if your vet is not available.

  • 15 minute dog walk – $16. For the less active pups who just need a chance to do their business.
  • 30 minute dog walk – $20. This is our most popular service. It is designed for the more adventurous dog who wants time to get in some quality exercise and sniffing time.
  • 45 minute dog walk – $24.
  • 60 minute dog walk – $28.

Loyal Customer Discounts: This program is designed for clients who have a set schedule and a recurring need Monday-Friday each week. You will select a two hour time block for us to visit each weekday from 10 am – 4 pm, excluding holidays. If you make a minimum 3 month contractual commitment, Cupid Pets offers a 20% savings per month. In other words, you receive 5 days of service each week for the price of 4 days.


Cupid Pets offers in-home pet care as an alternative to boarding your pets or imposing on family, friends or neighbors. By keeping your pets in their own familiar surroundings and maintaining their routine, it makes them more secure and comfortable. With pet sitting there is less stress and the animals are not exposed to potential sickness or disease from a kennel environment.

Why take your pets to a kennel when they can stay at home, comfortable and warm, with all of their favorite toys. We service dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish and reptiles. Typical visits include walks, indoor/outdoor playtime, feeding, water bowl refreshing, coat brushing, litter box care, and waste removal.

With Cupid Pets sitting service, your pets will receive multiple visits per day for exercise, playtime and individual attention in the comfort of their own home. There is no additional fee for homes with multiple pets. We can also bring in the mail and newspapers, water your plants, and provide crime-deterrent measures including opening the blinds or rotating the lights in the evening. You can go away to your favorite vacation spot confident that your favorite pets and your home are in caring hands.

This service includes three 30 minute pet sitting visits done in the morning, mid-day, and evening at a cost of $60/day. An additional 15 minute quick potty break can be scheduled for the late evening for $15 extra per day.


If you don’t want your pets to stay home alone at night while you are away, Cupid Pets offers in home overnight care (7pm – 7am)  for $70/evening. This service includes an early evening feeding and walking and a morning feeding and walking. This is an excellent option especially for older dogs and puppies that require additional potty breaks throughout the evening.


We can relate to crazy, sometimes unpredictable, travel schedules in the Washington work environment. We’ve been there. For our regular clients, we will be there to take care of your pop-up needs. For those occasions, we offer dog boarding in our home. This service is offered for social, well-adjusted dogs. Dogs must be spayed or neutered and have current rabies, bordatella and DHPP vaccinations.

Your dog will be our houseguest. We’ll feed them on your schedule with your food you provide. You can take your business trip, stay as long as you need to and know your dog will be in a loving environment with a trained pet care professional.

Family style boarding: $40/day; $20/day for each additional dog.


If you need to pick up or drop off your pet at the vet but don’t have time, let us know: $30/hour.


These visits ($16 for 20 minute visit) include: food and water refreshing as needed; litter box cleaning; lots of love, affection and attention; brushing; and, administration of medication.


We understand that our clients may need emergency visits from time to time. While we are not a 24 hour, on call service, we will make every effort to accommodate our clients at the last minute. We charge a $15 surcharge per visit as we need to compensate our walkers for their immediate availability. Please note this service is based on the availability of our walkers.


Once a client accumulates a total of $300 in billing from Cupid Pets for any combination of the services listed above, all their subsequent services will be discounted 10%. In addition, customers that bring us a referral earn a $50 service credit if the new client retains Cupid Pets’ services for 90 days.